Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery

The highly experienced and certified investigators at Lightstone Solutions perform forensic analyses on all forms of electronic media. Analyses of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) can bring to light evidence vital to litigation in such areas as employment law and misappropriation of trade secrets. Our capabilities include hard drive imaging and analysis; bypassing password-protected files; metadata recovery; deleted email and file recovery; spyware detection; and generating timelines of computer usage and deletions. Our data acquisition and analysis services can be performed either on site or in our Computer Forensic Laboratory. Additionally, our specialists assist clients with all phases of the electronic discovery process, from pre-discovery planning and strategy to the preservation, searching and review of all forms of electronic evidence.


Our special investigators support clients' litigation needs by locating and interviewing witnesses; providing historical and transactional research; performing forensic accounting analysis; collecting and reviewing evidence; performing surveillance; providing security and executive protection; preparing thorough, accurate and professionally written investigative reports; and presenting expert testimony. Many of our licensed investigators are bilingual and have college, professional or advanced degrees, as well as specialized training and certifications including previous experience with the FBI and other federal and state law enforcement and private sector experience.

Investigations and Research

Lightstone Solutions specializes in national and international asset searches, background investigations, historical document retrieval, due diligence support and other specialized research services. We specialize in public records and document retrieval and maintain an extensive network of resources for national and international investigations and due diligence consulting.

Financial Investigations

The firm's capabilities include a variety of financial investigation services including: fraud and forensic accounting; economic damage calculations; demonstrative evidence services related to financial matters; and expert witness services. Our Financial Investigations team is comprised of highly experienced professionals who can handle the spectrum of financially complex issues that arise during an investigation, dispute or bankruptcy.

Gaming Regulatory Consulting

The professionals at Lightstone Solutions have extensive experience in gaming and regulatory consulting, including work with public gaming companies and Native American gaming. We have worked in such diverse areas as regulatory compliance, pre-employment backgrounds and vendor licensing, international and national due diligence, internal investigation, security and surveillance consulting, network security, and Tribal-State Compact review, negotiation and analysis. We have significant regulatory experience with the National Indian Gaming Commission, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and various state and tribal gaming regulatory agencies.