Lightstone Solutions combines current technology with highly trained professionals to accomplish the eDiscovery goals of our clients in a timely and cost-efficient fashion. No matter the size of the project, we are committed to providing fast, accurate and reliable eDiscovery services at a highly competitive price.

Each eDiscovery project may benefit from having Lightstone Solutions involved in one or more of the following general eDiscovery project phases:


Lightstone Solutions' professionals can assist you in all aspects of the planning phase of an eDiscovery project, and can reduce costs by collaborating early with respect to the project. We will assist in choosing custodians, likely data sources, and types of information to be considered. Having an in depth understanding of the systems to be encountered can lead to significant cost reduction in the long term, as it may eliminate any technological “surprises” that may occur. Additionally, Lightstone Solutions can assist in creating effective, efficient search terms and criteria that reduce both costs and time needed to review final production material.

ESI Collection

When calling to arrange an ESI collection, our clients speak directly to forensically certified professionals who follow industry standard, defensible forensic principles substantiated in court time and again. We do not employ a sales force nor do we waste our clients’ time having them interact with salespeople. Collections can be accomplished either through a client sending data to Lightstone, or by having Lightstone personnel go “on scene” to a client’s or adverse party’s locations to collect ESI data. Collections typically include retrieving data from desktops, laptops, mail servers, file servers, storage solutions, and other media. With rates as competitive as ours for collections, there is no longer a need to cut corners and perform collections in-house.

Searching and Culling

Using a variety of cutting edge tools and methods, Lightstone Solutions has the ability to transform enormous data sets into manageable, reviewable sizes. This culling is made possible through custodian based de-duplication, message topic searches, keyword and key term proximity searches, as well as standard Boolean and logic based searching. Additionally, Lightstone Solutions is able to exclude entire domains and subjects from searches and production batches in order to reduce data sets and reduce or eliminate the review of irrelevant results.


Using a variety of industry standard and cutting-edge tools, Lightstone Solutions provides its clients with a wide range of final product services. We provide hosted, online review of native files and messages, as well as native file production for importation into favorite wide variety of review tools. Additionally, we prepare load files for most any review tool an organization uses.

Please contact a Lightstone Solutions representative to discuss how you would like to save time and money in your eDiscovery project.